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I just picked up my 2018 c63 S yesterday and had a great experience meeting the team that put my deal together. It wasn't an easy deal, as the team had many hurdles to overcome with my out of province needs during the crazy times, but they exceeded all of my expectations! The deal went through smoothly when I arrived and I was picked up from the airport and taken to Starbucks as a convenient and friendly gesture. A special shout out to Julia and Christine who did most of the work for me and the gm who was a hero to make sure I could drive through the mountain with my winter tires that were freshly sourced.

Shea Ritchie

in the last week

I originally went to Tesla to buy a brand new model 3 but the sales reps were being jerks so I decided to go the preowned route and that’s where I found Fraser Valley Pre-owned. I dealt with Julia and what could I say, she was absolutely amazing, professional and was able to check off all the boxes. I’m super happy with my experience!


in the last week

Really happy with my truck I purchased from Julia! She was super professional and easy to deal with! I got an amazing rate and have never had such a great buying experience! 11/10 recommend seeing Julia for your next ride!

Mark Samson

in the last week

Exceptional customer service! Big appreciation to the whole team for being patient and making it possible for me to get a great deal. Highly Recommend!

Stefan Gerenski

a month ago

I recently purchased a Nissan NV2500 that Julia had posted. I am duly impressed with the attitude and attention to detail that the entire team exhibited. They even delivered the vehicle, at no cost, and I am 3 ferries away from the lower mainland. Julia worked her a** off to ensure that everything went smoothly. Great Job! I'd marry her.

David Vanzella

7 months ago

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